Anyone looking for goal will remain empty when it will be reached, but whoever finds a way, will always carry the goal inside
Nejc Zaplotnik, Slovenian Alpinist

Nature has always been one of our greatest teachers. However, stressed by demand of modern life, constantly chasing time and success by all means, we tend to forget the primary power of nature. There are so many messages in each of its forms, colors or scents. The moment we mindfully step into its paths and get focused on its details, the nature will open the way to our inner world and reveal the wisdoms of life.

The mountain is a powerful form of nature which forces us to look at the world from above. It will satisfy our need for moving up, our need for struggle, shedding sweat, opening the exhaust valve… it will relentlessly unfold new perspectives and open up horizons. Climbing mountain is like climbing our inner steps, raising our own bar. The feeling we get on a mountain top is like a gift of full consciousness which puts us in a present moment. It is our moment of self-realization.

The concept of mindful hiking has been developed in combination with yoga practice in nature, to bring people the experience of nature, to enable them to climb mountains with as fewer efforts, to inspire them for life. Hikes are attentively guided while the focus is given to breathing techniques during activities as well as to personal senses. We demonstrate techniques for steady ascending / descending, balancing physical stamina and breathing, suggest the useful hiking equipment and balanced nutrition. At the same time we empower the mindful approach and focus on the present moment with outdoor meditations, yoga in nature and aromatherapy.


It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves
Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man who climbed up Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world