Aromatherapy is a holistic discipline that makes use of essential oils in a controlled way in order to balance the health of body, mind and spirit. Essential oils are herbal products with rich composition, strong aromatic smell and therapeutic properties. Essential oils influence the body’s energy system in order to raise the energy of the body.

The excursions of mindful hiking during the program ‘On the Way Up are supported by aromatherapy in nature through the inhalation of selected essential oils during relaxation and meditation with the aim of deepening contact with nature and raising the energy of the body.


Personal aromatherapy treatment included in the program

Every guest will also get a personal experience of aromatherapy consisting of a relaxing aroma massage in duration of 60 minutes, which is a very pleasant, fragrant and relaxing treatment for deep relaxation. Treatments will be done by a trained aromatherapist in the private area of Villa Ursula.

Relaxing massage is a gentle treatment of the whole body, face and scalp, during which a deep relaxation of the body is achieved with the help of relaxing essential oils in order to unify the energy flow and balance mind and body. It reduces the level of stress and fatigue, relaxes the muscles, eases breathing, relaxes mind and body. Conducted with relaxing music and scent of essential oils, it will take with each guest even deeper into the world of peace, harmony and lightness, where nature and human are united in harmony.

Villa Ursula

Additional aromatherapy treatments available during the program (surcharge) 

Indian head massage
A nice combination of gentle and soothing touch to the relaxing music

Indian head massage is a specific massage technique that involves various movements that resemble a comb, gently pulling the hair roots and movements that mimic the spider walk. The movements cause an immediate sense of relaxation and unblock the flow of energy through the body. By opening the chakras, body and spirit, this treatment helps to preserve the flow of life force and increases natural immunity.

Duration of the treatment is 30 min


Aromatherapy massage
A targeted and balanced treatment of the whole body

One particularly important technique used is aromatherapy is aroma massage that provides many benefits to body, emotions, mind and finally the spirit. It is a targeted use of essential oils through superior massage technique. Aromatherapy massage is composed of elements of Swedish massage, connective – tissue massage, lymphatic drainage and acupressure. Aroma massage of the whole body is extremely pleasant, fragrant and relaxing and it is used for preventive purposes as well as for health care, as an excellent way of treating certain problems. It is ideal for improving circulation, elimination of toxins, tension and deep relaxation.

Duration of the treatment is 60 min