→  Afternoon or evening program lasting 2 hours

Small home aroma pharmacy

The workshop where the guests in a lovable and convenient way get to learn about the magical world of essential oils. The workshop presents the basics of aromatherapy, the modes of application of essential oils in everyday life, with the presentation of 5 essential oils – helpers for every home, from small home aroma pharmacy for natural healing and care. With useful tips for selecting good quality oils, for making your own scented blends and introducing the methods of application of essential oils, we will present you characterology of essential oils and their energies. A gift for each guest will be one of the essential oils from the aroma pharmacy!


Mandala coloring for mind relaxation and meditation

Mandala means “a circle” in Sanskrit. With its round shape, according to teachings from the East, mandala has the power to encourage relaxation, to balance body energies and to help with expressing creativity, even of the ones “without art skills”. The circle is a symbol of integrity, connectivity and life cycle, for which reason its drawing helps in focusing on inner impulses, emotions and spiritual energy. Coloring mandalas will encourage stillness and focus on the present moment, yet it will entertain and remind us of our inner child. According to the color therapy teaching, coloring is also a healing method. To further support revealing our creativity and intuition, coloring mandala will be accompanied by aromatherapy and scents of essential oils.


Meditative music workshop

Music is the elixir or life. It has been used through centuries to raise body frequency, to relax and to regenerate our mind and soul. We will float into beautiful sounds of music, let our body and spirit go with the flow, we will dance or simply listen. We will listen to the sound of music, release our thoughts and try to hear our inner voice.