‘On the Way Up’ and its travel partner  Euro ASAP Tours from Zagreb, organize Hiking & Yoga Retreats in the periods as per guest request.

Mindful Hiking & Yoga Retreat ‘On the Way Up‘ has been designed as a unique fusion of experiences embracing some of the most beautiful Croatian seaside and mountain sights.

Take this mindful journey and enjoy sunny promenades along Kvarner bay, continue further up discovering magic hidden places of the hinterland and reach rocky mountain tops of the green inner land of Gorski kotar, while looking at the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Raise your limits, explore new heights and soak in some profound energy of nature!

We will take you hiking to some of the gorgeous mountain sights in Croatia. We will be walking consciously; observing the magnificent natural forms and receiving messages from nature. We will begin our day with yoga exercises to pleasantly energize our body and spirit. We will then synchronize our walk and breathing with the rhythm of nature and hike through the unique Mediterranean and mountain surroundings. We will boost our mindfulness with a meditation during hike, moreover, we will experience the power of aromatherapy encouraged by essential oils.

We will indulge our senses with delightful and harmonized savors. Selected vegetarian and Mediterranean specialties will be prepared on spot with love and care, respecting natural balance, in order to harmonize our body and spirit.

Our connection with nature will be upgraded by amazing accommodation in rustic villa, which is located in the hinterland connecting sea and mountains, in a picturesque village of Grižane.

All there is to be experienced and truly remembered will be influenced by nature, people sharing our way and our own energy during that week. Breathe in your decision and dare to join us on the way up!

Check for guest testimonials and the photos from the last retreat in May 2016 – here

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Contact us for further inquiry at info@on-the-way-up.com