Sandra Brborović is a creator and a leader of the ‘On the Way Up’ program. At the position of President of the related association in Zagreb, Croatia, she promotes a mindful approach to outdoor activities and mountaineering, quality lifestyles and self-development, thus developing a mindful hiking concept in Croatia. She organizes the ‘On the Way Up’ mindful hiking workshops and trips, which are synergy of hiking and yoga, where the attenders reveal their potentials and experience moving their limits, in powerful mountain environment, by consciously connecting with nature.

Sandra is a qualified guide, licensed by Croatian Mountaineering Association, strongly attached to nature and mountains. Mountains are her inspiration, her means of growth, a training field for moving the limits and a place of mindful being. She has been mountaineering for 15 years, she has climbed many attractive peaks in Europe, including a number of summits above 4000m in the Alps. She experienced as well a pleasure of mountaineering at the heights of North Africa and above all – the mighty Himalayas.

In addition to her mountain climbing, Sandra has been practicing yoga for 15 years. She has become skilled to teach yoga by attending Yoga Teacher Training, with Siddhi Yoga International, registered by Yoga Alliance, in India – the cradle of yoga. She regularly teaches yoga in Zagreb and organizes yoga workshops.

After attaining a university degree in Tourism & Hospitality she worked for years in hospitality industry with upscale service and gained a lot of management experience. She has professionally been engaged in education and consulting in domain of Hospitality Sales & Marketing.

She has united her passion for nature, mountains and human wellbeing with her professional experience in tourism and hospitality, through organization of eco-travel programs and hiking & yoga retreats.


Sindy Slipac is an aromatherapist, a part of the management team of ‘On the Way Up’.

In her own specific ways during the program she will share with our guests her great love – the fragrant world of essential oils. Co-leader of the hiking trips during which, with the help of aromatherapy, she leads meditations and opens the way to the inner world of each guest.

Sindy is a law graduate, who has worked as a real estate agent, but the stress and negative energy of the business world have prompted the absolute change. She took private aromatherapy lessons which consisted of a combination of a profound study of the essential oils and their application as well as self-development. Trained through other seminars and workshops (Indian head massage, Basics of Ayurveda, Reiki I and II, and the first degree of education for practitioners of Peter Hess sound massage, Silva method of mind control).

She completed her training for aromatherapists and joined the work of the association AromaVita – Institute for aromatherapy in Zagreb, where during the recent years she conducts aromatherapy treatments that combine her knowledge of holistic therapy and powerful impact of essential oils. She actively hikes and practices yoga and she expresses herself further through a combination of aromatherapy and hiking actively supporting the method of mindful hiking.

In her work she uses all techniques of application of essential oils, expert knowledge, empathy and intuition, to revitalize the body and mind of her clients, to balance the emotions and energy and awaken the joy of life and creative energy.




Jagdeesh Kaur is a Kundalini yoga teacher. With her personality and life choice, she is encouraging others to awake their energy and passion for life.

She went through education to become KRI certificated instructor of Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Her teacher is Nirmal Singh, the owner of a Kundalini yoga center “Amar Das” in Vienna. With this experience, she has also got the membership in Yoga Alliance, as Kundalini yoga instructor. Her first yoga experience came 10 years ago with Hatha yoga. She got an extra practical experience throughout the years; working with many teachers from Croatia and also in India, where she was experiencing Iyengar and Acroyoga while travelling there for few months. She also finished a course to become Aerial yoga instructor. For the last two years, she is actively teaching Hatha and Kundalini yoga, holding workshops all around the Croatia.

Yoga is an extraordinary channel that helps her students, as much as it helps herself; in awakening one’s true nature, decreasing stress, contributing to better and easier facing life challenges, achieving deeper sense of inner peace, opening the heart energy, developing vital body, with clear mind and spirit.

Besides yoga, Jagdeesh has another grand passion – cooking. She is a vegetarian who enjoys in cuisine innovations, playing with imaginative flow in the realms of her kitchen. She explores and prepares vegan, macrobiotic, raw food, and specialties of Indian/Ayurvedic cuisine. She brings whole lotta love in the food she prepares. She adores cooking for others, to an immense pleasure and satisfaction, of any sophisticated taste and sense.

Jagdeesh exuberantly awaits the guests of the program with her cuisine specialties!