Nature has always been one of our greatest teachers. However, stressed by demand of modern life, constantly chasing time and success by all means, we tend to forget the primary power of nature. There are so many messages in each of its forms, colors or scents. The moment we mindfully step into its paths and get focused on its details, the nature will open the way to our inner world and reveal the wisdoms of life.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better
Albert Einstein

The mountain is a powerful form of nature which forces us to look at the world from above. It will satisfy our need for moving up, our need for struggle, shedding sweat, opening the exhaust valve… it will relentlessly unfold new perspectives and open up horizons. Climbing mountain is like climbing our inner steps, raising our own bar. The feeling we get on a mountain top is like a gift of full consciousness which puts us in a present moment. It is our moment of self-realization.

The concept of mindful hiking has been developed to bring people the experience of nature, to enable them to climb mountains with as fewer efforts, to inspire them for life. Hikes are attentively guided, while the focus is given to breathing techniques during activities as well as to personal senses. We demonstrate techniques for steady ascending / descending, balancing physical stamina and breathing, suggest the useful hiking equipment and balanced nutrition. At the same time we empower the mindful approach and focus on the present moment with outdoor meditations, yoga in nature and aromatherapy.

Hiking tours organized within the ‘On the Way Up’ retreat program are guided by a certified mountain guide, tailored for people with moderate hiking experience at average fitness level.


We present some of the hiking highlights included in the program:

Risnjak is the national park, one of the most beautiful and outstanding mountain tops in Croatia. It is situated in the heart of green lungs of Croatia – the mountain region of Gorski kotar. Its peak is 1528m high, striking over mountain forest, offering remarkable views on Kvarner coastline, Istrian peninsula as well as over Julian Alps in neighboring Slovenia. The whole Risnjak area is known for its distinguished flora and fauna, thus being protected as a national park.


Snježnik is a remarkable stony peak surrounded by steep meadows, at the altitude of 1505m, offering one of the most attractive views in Croatia. Its name “Snježnik” comes from the Croatian word “snow”, indicating that snow remains on the mountain top up to spring time, in spite of being close to the sea. Nearby the peak, the hikers can find a natural habitat of karstic edelweiss.


Celestial labyrinths present a piece of art made by a Croatian artist, assembled in 10 formations along a walking plateau 800m long, above Novi Vinodolski. The view from this highland is magnificent, extending over the coastline around Vinodol bay, the town of Novi Vinodolski and the Krk Island. Labyrinths are formations connected to astronomical and cosmic patterns. Their presence has a very positive effect on the entire environment creating balance in the body of the planet Earth. Frequent walks through labyrinths encourage positive changes at all levels; they are generators of peace and positive energy.


Stony stairs trail is a circular walking trail starting and ending at the center of Grižane village. It is about 10 km long and it has been named after 1.300 stony stairs carved and built in the cliff above the village. The environment along the trail is stunning, including the remarkable natural and cultural-historical monuments. Each visitor will be acquainted with some interesting stories from the times when the trail served as the main link in between the surrounding villages and the inner mountain land. The trail was used by locals to carry grapes, figs, cherries and salt from the coast over to mountain area, where it was traded for wheat, potatoes and beans.