For most climbers, the pleasures of mountaineering lie not only in the “conquest” of a peak but also in the physical and spiritual satisfactions brought about through intense personal effort, ever-increasing proficiency, and contact with natural grandeur.  (source:

On the Way Up‘ organizes mountaineering courses for experienced hikers, who are ready to move their limits in mountains. It is designed for climbers who wish to develop strong fundamental skills in all aspects of rock, snow and glacier climbing.

The course includes 2 practical and 1 theoretical module. Theoretical aspects of mountaineering, such as preparation for tours, gear and equipment, nutrition, fitness, acclimatization, weather forecasts, ice glacier and avalanche specifics, hazards in mountains etc. are presented to students by our experts and internationally certified mountain guides, during several classes held in Zagreb. Practical modules include autumn and winter weekend tours, organized for the climbers attending the course, in different mountain locations in Croatia and Slovenia. The autumn tours build skills in rock climbing while winter tours cover climbing in snow and glacier climbing, using adequate climbing gear.

Our students have climbed the highest peaks in the Alps as well some respective 6.000m peaks in the Himalayas, after successfully finishing the mountaineering course.

In addition to the course, we organize climbing weekend and weekly tours for experienced climbers all year long, to the most attractive alpine locations in Europe.

Dare to move your limits with us!

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