Hiking & Yoga Retreat ‘On the Way Up’, Grižane 21-28 May 2016


No one can describe the Hiking & Yoga Retreat experience better than our guests. Below are real testimonials submitted by guests from the USA, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia, after returning from the Hiking & Yoga Retreat in Grižane in May 2016:

“…This retreat felt like a glimpse of heaven and was exactly the kind of getaway I needed! Sandra and Sindy were amazing and their passion really shows – it feels like you are spending time with friends. The days start at 7 am with yoga by the pool, overlooking the mountains, and is followed by an excursion or hike. It was great to enjoy both the mountains and the beach – and the insertion of aromatherapy/ meditation made the experience truly unique. I cannot recommend this treat enough for anyone looking for an escape in nature and a chance for self-reflection.”

“…I cannot find enough words to express my feelings… I get overwhelmed with emotions the moment I think of the week we spent together in Grižane. It was unforgettable. I have found this new feeling of happiness, satisfaction and love in myself that I did not find before… I see the world with different eyes now. I thought it would be nice, but I didn’t expect to feel the way I feel now. I am so pleased that I met you and that I feel like this when I am with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

“…I really like the house and location, was very quiet and peaceful. It was my first experience of vegetarian food (for one week)… So, I would say I did not miss meat. And I was amazed how many varieties of vegetarian food you can cook. Amazing experience!

Hiking was special for me. I think because of different landscape with a lot of little stones, roots of the trees and it really was mindful, you need to focus on your every step and it is not easy.  It somehow helps you to learn focus on the present you do not think about something else. And thank you Sandra for coaching us!

Again I have learned a lot about yoga. And I just like to do it. And I will continue to do it with our local yoga class.

I have enjoyed Sindy’s massage, it was amazing! Thank you Sindy!

We are very happy that we spend our holiday with you; everything was new and very different, very friendly and positive. We are remembering you, girls, Grižane almost every day. Thank you for everything!”

“…Dear Sandra and Sindy, if there were no you, there would not be this retreat or this beautiful experience. I sincerely thank you… thank you for all the care and love you have brought in my days… I love you.”

“…Thank you for the amazing days spent in your company. Your retreat is not about the days spent in Grižane, it is a process which still goes on, if you are conscious. All there, whether it was yoga, the card messages, essential oils, massage… had its importance. The hiking was really mindful… to be with yourself, with nature, to breath… to be on the mountain top, meditating with essential oils and card messages… The location, the ambiance, the yoga… all great… the food was excellent, as per my taste… hiking sights were beautiful and diverse… unforgettable…

And all that is because of you!!! You are honest people with heart, just stay the way you are!”

“…Thank you for the organization of a beautiful retreat in Grižane. When I think of this week, I feel warmth around my heart. You are a great team… the hiking excursions, labyrinths, yoga, the company of kind and positive people… in one word – MAGICAL.”